1. Color projects from simple to complex can be calculated with this tool. 2. If one or more colors are known or unchangeable, such as skin and hair color or ceiling and floor color, harmonious clothing or wall colors can be found. 3. Complete works of art can be designed using only three color weights. Disharmonious colors can be found in art works and corrected. 4. For maximum appeal, the three color families should be used in relative proportions of 16% : 30% : 54%.
This color tool is designed to find harmonious color combinations that mathematically relate to each other in a structural and pleasing way. The colors on the charts each have a number determined by its hue, saturation, value and frequency of reflected light. Like-numbers represent colors in the same color family that are neutral to each other and can be used together without conflict but tend to look bland unless contrasted with other color family colors.
Perfect for art, fashion, design, and interior design, this color tool is designed to easily find colors that look appealing together. Simply drag one of the rulers to any place it touches all three upright lines. The three points where the bottom of the ruler touches the lines represents the three "color families" that look good together. At least one color from each of the three color families will be chosen for a project. (Four Picker Tool = 4 points, Five Picker = 5 points)
This tool is made to accompany the book “Structure of a Masterpiece” www.moydanart.com
The charts which can be selected at the bottom of the color tool are used to find each color in a color family. The columns on each of the twelve charts can be used to find twelve colors, making 144 colors possible for each color family. (Except for 0 and 100, which is just white and black) (Colors between the columns on each chart can be estimated for even more choices.)