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The Hidden Line

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Line has many qualities that can be overlooked by artists. I don't pretend to know ever possible aspect of the seemingly simple line, but I have defined a few that help me compose my art.

1. A line can be visible or invisible. A visible line is one that can be seen. A invisible line is one that is implied. Edges where different colors, values or saturation's meet are implied or invisible lines.

2. Lines, visible or invisible, have visible weight. This is separate from the color weight of line. Lines make edges that create the illusion of visual weight. Lines grouped on one side of a canvas can make that side look visually heavier.

3. Lines have a center of balance. I often compare a line drawing to people of different sizes riding on a seesaw, trying to make it balance level horizontally.

4. Line can counter balance color weight. Heavy color weight on one side of an image can balance out line work on the other side of an image.

See my book, "The Structure of a Masterpiece - A step by step guide to color and composition" for more information.

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