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The Golden Ratio REVISED

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The Golden Ratio, Golden Mean or Divine Proportion, has long been used for composing many forms of art. It's believed by many to be the most aesthetically pleasing ratio for dividing something into two parts, about 62% and 38%. Until now, it seems that few were aware that a very similar method can be used to divide something into any number of ascetically pleasing parts. Some of the new Golden Ratios are shown in the following illustration, which I call "Phi Revised". Notice that after dividing something into 5 or more areas, each area is about 2 times larger than the smaller one before it, so it is easy to divide something into several approximate parts by repeatedly dividing an area in half.

These ratios can be useful in the fields of art, photography, fashion, interior design, product design, advertising, landscaping, architecture, and possibly science.

See my book, "The Structure of a Masterpiece - A step by step guide to color and composition" for more information.