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An Exercise In Spontaneity

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Often when I paint I like to start with an interesting pattern and convert it into an illustration. The patterns are easy to make using my system and easy to convert into illustrations. Occasionally I like to work the other way around and start with an illustration and fix the pattern to finish up. Working in that manner frees me up from being so rigid. Many artist attack their work in an effort to be spontaneous and creative and hope the end product will be art. I believe the last and important step that many artists skip is, relating the image to the picture plane.

My two year old daughter offered to help me with some paintings so I decided to do an exercise in spontaneity. I picked out a pile of colors to use and we could select any out of those. She did most of the line work and I did most of the areas or color. We worked in several layers and I tried to keep the end result close to my system.

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