Moydan Art

Intuition, Mathematically Composed


Artist's Statement

Nature is beautiful. My art, composed by math that is inspired by nature, is a tribute to that beauty, that due to the limitations of math and mankind, we'll never surpass.

It is my belief that art has two aspects which need to be considered separately, but combined harmoniously for maximum impact: composition and illustration.

Composition contributes to the aesthetic quality of an image by giving it structure.

The illustrative aspect of art is the avenue of communication from the artist to the viewer. Suggestions of physicality, intellectuality, emotion, spirituality and causality can all be made.

My complete art theory is outlined in, "The Structure of a Masterpiece - A step by step guide to color and composition"

Why Moydan?

My name, Michael McKee, is an extremely common name in several parts of the world. To avoid being confused with so many I decided to use the alias Moydan, which is a derivative of an old nickname. At the end of 2007, I started to sign my completed works "Moydan" on the front and "Michael L. McKee" on the back with the title of the work.