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The artist Ilya Bolotowsky , my wifes great uncle, had a very different idea about art composition than me. He believed great art came via human inspiration not a composition system. I believe that, "the human" is the system and what we find, on an average, aesthetically pleasing is definably predictable. My feeling is that the reason Ilya was able to create such masterworks was that he was incredibly in touch with his feelings and intuition. People that are new to the sensation of art creation or even professional artists that are having an off day can greatly benefit from a system that defines human aesthetics.

Many of the ideas that I've formulated for art composition are on the pages of this web site. If you find them interesting please purchase my book, "The Structure of a Masterpiece - A step by step guide to color and composition" for more information.

Please feel free to use the information on this site to produce your own artwork but please do not reproduce it for financial gain without written permission from,

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